About Us

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a 501(c)(3) that recruits underserved young adults and veterans for professional careers through various skill-based education and mentoring programs.

Dr. Art Langer founded WOS based on a special research program run out of Columbia University where he examined the lives of over 45 young men and women from the Harlem area of NYC. In his research, he explored why young individuals from low-income communities struggled to find career opportunities.

He found that these men and women faced financial, social, and psychological obstacles that resulted in low morale, frustration in new job settings, and ultimately, career failure. However, if given a fair opportunity, these individuals could climb to higher levels of success.

WOS helps individuals from underserved communities, including military veterans, overcome these challenges by providing training, resources, and financial support so that ultimately they can achieve financial independence and professional success.

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