WOS offers the unique advantage of building to suit your needs. Here’s an example of how that works and how long it takes.

Step one begins with partnering with WOS to identify and define the skill sets that your organization needs. Then WOS recruits students from high schools, colleges and/or Veterans’ associations in and around your company’s local area. Prospective students enter a six-session pre-certification course that will ultimately identify those prospects who distinguish themselves as most qualified to participate in the certification program.

In approximately three months, those students who have been selected to receive scholarships and entry into the program begin their first term. Following the successful completion of this first term, students become eligible to start the work-study component of the program. Within about 13 weeks, students begin part-time work at WOS partner sites while continuing to attend classes at night. (Note that all programs are customized to meet specific company needs, so timeframes and milestones can be adjusted.)

After a third semester of work and study, students complete the course, earn their certificates and become full-time WOS consultants. From there, they will go on to enroll in four-year degree completion programs that are funded through WOS scholarships.

Socially Responsible

WOS is focused on a social mission to identify, train and find IT and other functional jobs for aspiring students who otherwise would not have an opportunity to learn the technical and cognitive skills necessary to succeed in American business – mainly as a result of their geography and demographics. WOS partners with first-class universities and colleges like Columbia University, Rutgers University and The University of Akron to develop an intensive certificate course that prepares students to enter specific jobs in the workforce. After students complete their first term in the program, WOS places them in jobs. Many graduates are able to secure full-time employment as a result of these placements.

Financially Sound

Companies who contract for WOS services can significantly benefit through direct and in-direct cost-savings. By employing American students/consultants, companies are doing their part to stem the avalanche of unemployment and help put people on the path to financial independence. Companies may also realize cost savings and benefits from having workers in close geographic proximity, alleviating possible language or cultural barriers, and working within the same time zones–issues that can be typical challenges with offshore outsourcing.

Highly Skilled

One of the most unique features of WOS is the ability to tailor course offerings to specifically meet a company’s IT or other functional needs, whether it’s legacy systems, application development, project management, customer relationship management, or virtually any other area of functional area of your business. No other outsource company can support your organization in this way. Because WOS is a complete ecosystem, we can take your specifications, build a curriculum, provide experienced trainers, recruit local students, teach them the skills that your company requires, and put them to work in your company–within six months.