Chairman's Message


Art LangerWorkforce Opportunity Services is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that was founded not only on an idea, but rather as the result of more than four years of research at Columbia University.  

After running a special research program, I examined the lives of more than 45 men and women from the Harlem area of New York City. The experience and findings resulted in a published research article that was eventually presented to the American Association of Colleges and Universities. This report examined why these young men and women from low-income communities struggled to find career opportunities—and offered solutions to help them climb to a new socioeconomic status.

This work gave birth in 2005 to Workforce Outsource Services, later renamed Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS). WOS was built on the concept that inner–city and rural low–income individuals can climb to higher levels of success if given a fair opportunity.

Our mission is simple: To provide these individuals with long-term career and educational opportunities, and give them the tools to become great citizens. Great citizens have jobs, careers and higher education; they contribute to their communities, and they help provide stable family environments.

We accomplish this by what Andrew Carnegie called "ladders of ascent"—the ability to rise up through various stages, one at a time, toward identified goals.

Our programs are systemic. They are self–sufficient and grow within themselves. WOS has provided opportunities for more than 200 high school graduates and military veterans. Many have been hired away by our sponsor companies, such as Prudential and Express Scripts.

Our program has shown that America’s young people can alleviate the need for offshoring. We have helped companies achieve superior value and sustainable talent pipelines by giving promising high–school graduates and military veterans a chance for success. Most importantly, our graduates go on to get their bachelor’s degrees in flagship institutions like Rutgers University-Newark and become positive members of their local communities.

But we’re not stopping there. We have expanded into fifteen cities and built strong relationships with academic institutions and scholars across the country. We have strengthened our management and staff with talented former corporate executives and educators. And we’re currently exploring opportunities to bring our mission abroad to help other countries overcome their employment crises.

So give us and America a chance. Our site accepts donations; any amount will help yet another young man or woman get the support they need for success. And remember: we can compete in a global market, and we can put America back to work.

Dr. Arthur Langer 

Founder and Chairman