"These soldiers had to rebuild communities and make difficult decisions under great pressure. They’ve had to show incredible flexibility, never knowing whether they’d be greeted with a handshake or a hand grenade… I believe they are our next great generation of leaders."
- Gen. David Petraeus
Time Magazine, August 29, 2011 issue


After bravely serving our country during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, thousands of Veterans have completed their service and are now fighting a new battle: The battle to find a job.

Despite the turbulent economy and job market, corporate and political leaders have constantly trumpeted the value military Veterans bring to corporate America. When asked in a 2010 survey by the Society of Human Resource Management which skills Veterans excel in, corporate respondents listed as their top five attributes a strong sense of responsibility, ability to see a task through to completion, strong leadership skills, and a high degree of professionalism.

We couldn’t agree more.

In 2010, Workforce Opportunity Services began to train Veterans and prepare them to enter today’s highly competitive workforce. Through the WOS Veterans Program, veterans are given the opportunity to learn professional skills, gain exposure to the corporate work environment and earn an academic certificate from local university.

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