Program Overview for Students

Dr. Arthur Langer developed WOS after completing years of research that showed what barriers keep high potential local individuals from gaining entry into corporate America and attaining a college degree. By eliminating those barriers, WOS opens the door for these students to enter the workforce and thrive at large corporations.

The Talent Acquisition Pipeline (T.A.P.) is a true work-study program that successfully helps integrate these high potential local individuals into the corporate workforce and provides dual pathways: (1) to build meaningful, prosperous careers and (2) to further their education.

During the training period, T.A.P. students may attend classes at an academic institution and work part-time or full-time at a sponsoring corporation. T.A.P. students meet with experienced faculty to learn skills in specific areas (Information Technology, Business Operations, etc.), as well as written/verbal communication, interpersonal skills, project management and other key areas valued by successful companies. These skills make them highly competitive in the today’s rapidly changing employment landscape.

While in the program, T.A.P. students are able to network with seasoned corporate professionals gaining resume-building experience. The T.A.P. students may receive an academic credential in a specific area of study from an academic institution while working at a sponsoring corporation.

Prudential Tap Training

T.A.P. students for Prudential Financial getting IT training at NJIT