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Resources by Location

Dear WOS Community and friends,

As the situation with COVID-19 quickly evolves, we would like to take a moment and acknowledge the passing of the loved ones of our WOS family due to the coronavirus.

We, like many other of our partners and employees, share the grief but embrace the love, joy, and memories of those who passed.

To the doctors, nurses, paramedics, and all essential workers working hard each day to keep us safe and healthy, we thank you.

We truly appreciate what everyone is doing under these challenging circumstances dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and its effects.

To help you navigate some of the questions and concerns you may have about finding assistance, we have compiled resources dealing with health, food, education, housing and other issues specific to your geographical location. We have also included a link for doing a 20-minute indoor workout as well as educational resources for children and families. Furthermore, you might enjoy a link to some calming classical music.

We will update the listings as frequently as possible.

Stay safe and healthy