Success Story: Tanika Miller, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ

1.      In a few sentences, what do you do?

I am a Business Analyst at Horizon BCBSNJ. In my role as Business Analyst I, I test software fixes, document workflows, train system users, work with my peers on providing monthly executive metrics, perform data and reporting analysis and maintain many SharePoint sites.

2.      Give me an example of a recent project you worked on.

I am currently assisting my department with tracking, reporting, and monitoring of Process Improvement Savings Initiatives for all business units under the Benefit Coding Department.  One of my core functions is supporting the teams with data mining capabilities to help them better assess trends and document assumptions for quantifying cost and savings.

3.      What drew you to the field?

Being someone who has always been drawn to problem-solving, Benefit Coding afforded me the opportunity to find solutions to complex problems and build on my skill set.

4.      What drew you to the company and how long have you worked here?

Horizon BCBSNJ partnered with Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) to fill IT and business analyst roles with early-career talent from underserved communities. After completing the academic phase, I joined Horizon BCBSNJ as a WOS Consultant, where I received mentorship and support from WOS while working onsite. Eventually, I was hired full time by Horizon, where I have worked for the last 7 years.

I am grateful that Horizon BCBSNJ was willing to take a chance on a young adult with little or no experience. I could not let an opportunity like this pass me by.

5.      What do you enjoy most about your job? Similarly, what are some of the challenges?

I love working for a company that genuinely wants their employees to succeed and is dedicated to helping its workers develop professionally. Horizon offers a tuition assistance program; they have professional development courses, and they even have a career coach. But in life, as with everything else, there are always challenges that you must overcome. One challenge I face is always being too hard on myself when it comes to learning new things. I’m the type of person who needs to learn the ins-and-outs of everything. I will not stop until I do.

6.      What makes your company a great place to work?

Horizon BCBSNJ cares about their employees and shows their appreciation regularly. They also make an effort to address any concerns we may have; in ways, many companies do not take the time to do. For example, they have added more networking sessions, career planning classes, and skill-building sessions.   Actions like this let me know that I am working for a great company.

7.      What was the best advice you ever received related to your career or job search?

The two best pieces of advice I received were to never get complacent and make sure you do your best at whatever job you are doing.

8.      How can young professional’s best prepare themselves for working in this field?

To any young professional who wants to work in corporate America, I would say never become lazy, don’t get comfortable or complacent, and always try to learn as much as possible.

9.      What skills, experiences or traits do you feel are especially needed to succeed?

In this field, you need to always make sure you seize every available opportunity to learn, grow, and gain experience. You always want to stay ahead and never fall behind. It’s important to remember this because everything is always changing and evolving whether you’re prepared or not.