The Columbia professor who turns marginalized cybersecurity experts

Recently, WOS and Dr. Art Langer were featured in EL PAIS, a Spanish newspaper. The article starts with a summary of Dr. Langer's mentor-mentee relationship as a youth in the Bronx led to the founding of WOS. The article also discusses WOS' impact, and how since 2005 WOS has helped more than 5,550 individuals in over 65 locations. Below is an excerpt (translated from Spanish to English):

Many years later, in 2005, he wanted to emulate Langer Mister Ness and founded Workforce Opportunity Services ( Services Jobs in Spanish ), an organization dedicated to recruiting talent to incorporate large companies. The funny thing is that he finds these unpolished jewels in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, in social assistance organizations and in institutions of depressed neighborhoods. "There is a large percentage of socially excluded people who are very intelligent, I call it hidden talent, and if you have a vehicle to find it, they become extremely good employees," says Langer.

You can read the full article here.