The Next Recession Is Coming: Is Your Workforce Prepared?

Dr. Arthur Langer, Chairman and Founder of Workforce Opportunity Services, recently wrote an article published in CEO World Magazine

In the piece, Dr. Langer argues the need to upskill the workforce as we prepare for a recession in the coming years. He also talks about the WOS program and how its mission folds into the need to diversity tech spaces to mitigate strain during the next recession.

Below is an excerpt:

A 2018 study found that within routine occupations, 88 percent of job loss since the 1980s had occurred during periods of recession, which triggered the acceleration of automation to replace laid-off talent. During the post-Great Recession recovery, open roles were being replaced by automated tech, requiring job seekers to be more skilled than ever to find work.

There’s no question that automation is a viable solution for open jobs but we can’t forget that the human element is what truly makes companies thrive over the long-term. With some experts saying the next recession will come as soon as next year, it’s time corporations put plans in place to help them hire and retain skilled workers after the dust settles.

You can read the full article here.