U.S. Economic Recovery Hasn’t Reached Those Living in Poverty. How Can We Change That?

Recently, WOS Founder and Chairman, Dr. Art Langer, was published in Training Industry. In the article, Art discusses how we can better train those from underserved communities for jobs, and despite the economic recovery after the 2008 recession, there are still 40 to 45 million people living in poverty. Art argues that corporations need to do a better job of providing training for these individuals to lift them out of poverty. 

Below is an excerpt:

People living in poverty certainly don’t lack the intelligence or desire to obtain good jobs. They merely lack access to training programs and a support system within corporations that meet their unique needs. With robust workforce development programs, companies can invest in this population by providing training for high-demand roles and job placement to further build and develop their new skills. Eventually, these jobs can lead to long-term careers, enabling the individuals and their families to become financially stable and, more importantly, help in disrupting the cycle of poverty.

To create systemic change, we can’t work in just one piece of the supply chain or, in this case, merely hire people from underserved communities or who are living in poverty. These individuals typically lack a strong support system, which is critical for success. Companies can either assume this responsibility in house or partner with third-party organizations to create the support and training necessary.

You can read the full article here.