What Amazon must bring to Long Island City: A laser focus on creating opportunities for working class New Yorkers

Today, the New York Daily News published an article by Dr. Art Langer, Chairman and Founder of Workforce Opportunity Services, on Amazon's HQ2 tapping into local talent pools.

In the article,  Dr. Langer argues that if Amazon doesn’t seek alternative pipelines to fill the 50,000 vacant tech jobs, local communities will feel the blast, as much of Seattle did, without reaping the benefits. He suggests that Amazon holds the power to create a sustainable workforce by reaching into local communities to fill the tech shortage. If they do, HQ2’s cities face a far better Amazon Effect than Seattle did. Below is an excerpt:

In Amazon’s memorandum of understanding for Long Island City, the corporation detailed an acute focus on investing in local talent development, including an initial $5 million investment to fund workforce development initiatives. While it’s merely a nonbinding agreement, I strongly encourage Amazon’s leadership to follow through on implementing these programs. In doing so, the e-commerce giant can provide long-lasting solutions to systemic problems. Tapping into local talent pools boosts employment rates and revitalizes communities, all while improving diversity within the corporation itself.

You can read the full article here.