Workforce Opportunity Services and PSEG Providing Job Pathways for Local, Underserved Talent

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS)—the leading non-profit organization connecting individuals from underserved populations with transformative career opportunities—has expanded its partnership with PSEG, a gas and electric utility company serving the state of New Jersey. Through its Talent Acquisition Program (TAP), WOS is spearheading the recruitment, training, and onboarding of nine underserved individuals for software development roles in Newark, NJ and Bethpage, NY.

As part of the partnership, WOS will recruit and train candidates for a 26-week full-stack development training program. The first 13 weeks of the training will be conducted at General Assembly (GA) in New York City, where the program participants will complete GA’s Software Engineering Immersive course free of cost, a $15,000 value covered by WOS and PSEG. The subsequent 13 weeks will consist of work-study at PSEG, gaining hands-on experience while employed by WOS, as well as working towards completing a capstone project. During the full 26-weeks, the program participants will also be receiving interpersonal training in critical thinking, emotional intelligence in the workplace, among other topics from WOS In the Community Director, Addie Rimmer.

“Workforce Opportunity Services has been a valuable partner for PSEG,” said Joseph Santamaria, PSEG’s chief information and digital officer. “As we transition to a DevSecOps paradigm, WOS is helping us fill a number of positions by recruiting a diverse group of candidates, particularly veterans and members of underserved communities with a passion for technology and innovation. WOS is now training them for entry-level IT roles with PSEG."

During all phases of the program, the program participants will receive mentorship and guidance from a WOS Client Service Manager (CSM). The CSM will oversee the participants academic journey, identify and remove professional and personal barriers to success, such as childcare and transportation. After a period of 13 months, they will be eligible to be hired by PSEG for full-time roles in their Newark and Long Island offices.

“WOS is thrilled to call PSEG a partner, a company that is deeply committed to bettering its local community and increasing the diversity its workforce,” says Dr. Art Langer, Founder and Chairman of WOS. “We look forward to a longstanding partnership with the PSEG while creating job opportunities for local talent in the tri-state area.”

About Workforce Opportunity Services
Founded in 2005, Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to developing the skills of untapped talent from underserved and veteran communities through partnerships with organizations dedicated to diversifying their workforce. Utilizing a scientifically-based model derived from research conducted at Columbia University, we recruit, educate, train, and place high-potential candidates with leading organizations around the world. To date, WOS has served more than 5,300 individuals through partnerships with over 65 corporations worldwide. For more information, visit

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