Workforce Weekly: A Year in Review

Time truly does fly! A year ago today we launched Workforce Weekly, Workforce Opportunity Services’ (WOS) weekly blog. In that time Workforce Weekly has become the go-to resource for insights on diversity and inclusion and workforce development. Over 20 of our posts having been republished on,, and in Next Concept HR Magazine.

Over the course of the last 52 weeks, we’ve covered a lot of ground, from the power of employee resource groups in the workplace to how to effectively manage workplace romances. Some of our blogs were more popular than others. 

Here are our top-five performing blogs: 

  1. Honoring our Fallen Heroes at Work: For Memorial Day, we provided three ways to honor our nation’s heroes at work. 
  2. Social Enterprise vs. Corporate Social Responsibility: We broke down what social enterprises are and how they differ from corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  3. 3 Mindfulness Techniques for the Workplace: With employee wellness being a hot-topic for 2019, we provided three ways to encourage mindfulness into the workplace.
  4. 3 Ways Companies Can Inspire Inclusivity and Remove Unconscious Bias: We provided simple ways to address unconscious bias in the workplace. 
  5. How to Fairly Manage PTO Requests: Time-off is one of the most common workplace benefits offered to employees, so we created a guide on how to create a PTO policy that works for everyone.

Our goal with Workforce Weekly is to provide valuable resources on various workplace topics, covering everything from best practices and tips to our take on current industry happenings and trends. If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover in the coming weeks and months, we encourage you to let us know by emailing us

Thank you for being avid readers of Workforce Weekly, and we look forward to providing even more insights and resources in the year ahead. If you know anyone who may enjoy our blog, please encourage them to subscribe today.