Telvista is a premier provider of contact solutions that offers creative, high-quality business solutions to a wide range of companies. A WOS partner since 2016, Telvista utilizes Managed Services and places WOS consultants in Customer Service positions. 

Telvista, the premier provider of contact solutions, partnered with WOS in 2016. In this partnership, WOS provided customized solutions for recruiting, training, and retaining talent. Program participants underwent training to garner skills tailored to the company's specific needs and received ongoing mentorship and support to be successful in their roles as contact center agents. Additionally, participants receive funds for college tuition and free healthcare while in the program. 

“Working with WOS has been a win-win situation. Not only have they aided us in recruiting candidates that provide high-quality support to our customers, partnering with WOS is uniquely rewarding as it has given us additional ways to support our local communities by bridging us to talented individuals that we otherwise may not have been able to reach,” said Jorge Rodriguez, President and CEO of Telvista, Inc. “As a business leader, the mentorship and efforts that WOS undertakes to help adults— including veterans—achieve confidence and success in the workforce are attributes that I support and greatly value in a business partner.”