Jessica Journette’s role at Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) is a Client Service Manager in the Boston area. She has been a Massachusetts resident for over ten years. Jessica supports multiculturalism in the workplace and has traveled to over 26 countries and 48 states. Jessica has over 20 years of customer service experience and 15 years of business operations/management experience. Prior to joining the WOS team, Jessica held a variety of other management positions and owned multiple businesses for over 13 years. Jessica specialties are analyzing domestic and international relations, incorporating diversity in professional environments, and promoting humanitarian programs.

Jessica grew up in urban underserved communities. Her personal experiences have motivated her to pursue a career that gives her the ability to help others. Through WOS Jessica will develop internal and external relationships with our partners, local agencies, and mentor other young adults with similar challenges. Jessica hopes to provide resources to motivated individuals who want to obtain economic opportunities in their area. Jessica has an A.S. degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, B.A. in Global Affairs, and is currently obtaining an MBA/International Business degree at the University of Massachusetts Boston.