The WOS Framework

The WOS Framework combines all aspects of the employee lifecycle into one comprehensive end-to-end workforce development solution.

The WOS Framework is high touch, comprehensive, and is designed to mitigate the risk to you and to ensure program participant success. This allows the necessary training, individual mentorship, corporate assimilation and overall time needed for a successful long-lasting transition to a full-time employee at your company. When that time comes, there is NO COST to convert!

The WOS Framework combines program development, recruitment, selection, training, and full-time employment creating a systemic solution to assimilate historically underrepresented communities into the corporate space.

The WOS Framework provides a complete end-to-end service for your organization and all its participants.

The Process

WOS directs all aspects of the program, working with you to assure a timely, efficient, and successful transition of our participants into the workplace.

Determine Need
  • WOS listens to you about your talent wants and needs
  • WOS collaborates with you to develop a plan to address your needs
  • When the plan comes together, WOS and you agree upon a set timeframe for deliverables
Recruitment & Selection
  • WOS manages multi-pronged recruiting and vetting process
  • Customized interview and selection process tailored to your talent needs
  • Selection of participants is finalized and approved by you
  • WOS partners with the top technical training institutes in the country
  • Interpersonal skills are delivered through WOS' Ascent PDI
  • Support and mentorship provided by individual mentors for the entirety of the program
Full Time Work
  • Participants work full-time at your organization
  • WOS provides your company with a dedicated resource to ensure program success
  • Participant is employed by WOS and is eligible to be hired by you after a set period of time at no additional cost

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