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Veteran Training & Employment

Veteran Training & Employment

The veterans program is a true work-study program that successfully helps integrate our brave veterans into the corporate workforce and provides a pathway to build meaningful, prosperous careers.

Learn more about the veterans program.

Talent Acquisition Pipeline

Talent Acquisition Pipeline

The Talent Acquisition Pipeline (T.A.P.) is a true work-study program that successfully helps integrate these high potential local individuals into the corporate workforce and provides dual pathways:

 1  To build meaningful, prosperous careers and

 2  To further their education

Learn more about the T.A.P. program.

On Demand

On Demand Program

WOS On Demand is a Social Enterprise whose mission is to connect young, motivated talent with career opportunities in small to mid size corporations.

Learn more about the On Demand program.

 1  Our consultants are placed in opportunities where they can begin to climb the ladder of success.

 2  Our Corporate partners receive affordable, experienced IT Talent sourced from the local community.

 3  The income stays right in the local community, a great success story is created and a role model is born.

Managed Services

Managed Services

We connect businesses with affordable IT solutions while doing social good. Our managed service offerings are customizable. Our fees are competitive. And we source our talent locally, making an immediate impact in the community.

Learn more about Managed Services.


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