Outsource Centers & Managed Services

WOS offers high-quality front– and back-office services including off-site and on-site options.

Case Study with Parsons Corporation

Background Info

In 2019, WOS announced its partnership with Parsons Corporation—a digitally enabled solutions provider focused on defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets to provide a phenomenal customer service experience and technical expertise to resolve employee’s IT problems during the first interaction with the Service Desk. WOS provides people, supervision, training, scheduling, case management and escalation, incident management, reporting, and metrics. 

Managed Service Program Details

When Parsons Corporation decided on outsourcing the Service Desk for its incident management, they turned to WOS for assistance due to providing a valued added service. Parsons employees were offered support in using named accounts that can be uniquely traced back to them and are subject to the password policy and dual-factor/multi-factor authentication. Annual required security training has been completed and documented by all WOS consultants.

Through the WOS Outsource Centers, WOS has worked with Parsons to expand its global service desk capabilities. As part of the program, WOS will recruit and employ military veterans for their service desk, in order to expand and enhance and grow support capabilities. The program began in October of 2019 and is fully staffed and operated by military veteran WOS employees, furthering WOS’s and Parsons's commitment to employing military veterans.

Program Results:

“The Workforce program has allowed us to quickly grow our support and digital offerings, providing improvement across many IT disciplines. At the same time, WOS gives us a great opportunity to give back to those who have served in the military protecting our country. The additional support and training that the candidates receive from the WOS program allows these candidates to build on the skills they learned in the military and transition them to the civilian workforce.”


—Stuart Kippelman, Chief Information Officer, Parsons Corporation

Our turnkey service centers help our partners try new ideas, expand coverage models, and enter new markets

Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) offers high-quality front- and back-office services including off-site and on-site options that can provide Managed Services such as Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, CyberSecurity, IT Help Desk, Quality Assurance Testing, Shared Services, and Call Center Support at different locations throughout the US. By keeping management from getting bogged down in details, our service centers help them focus on more strategic, value-added activities.

The WOS Outsource Centers and the Managed Services we provide allow potential partners to manage their projects efficiently while delivering access to high-quality employees. In doing so, we achieve the speed and scalability that sets us apart from all other providers.

Benefits of partnering with WOS:

  • We offer customized KPIs to help you achieve your facility maintenance and overall company goals
  • We offer staff with the availability of 24/7 shifts to match your business operations and schedule
  • Our clients can leverage cutting-edge technology, such as delivering proactive maintenance through facility management software
  • WOS Managed Services converts fixed IT costs into variable costs, allowing for more effective budgeting.
  • We can help you reduce your labor costs: Hiring and training staff can be very expensive; Managed Services lets human resources focus on areas where you need them most
  • Organizations that do all non-core services in-house sometimes have much higher research, development, and implementation time, especially as it relates to IT, hindering productivity in areas that are critical to the core business.
  • Managed Services can help businesses stay focused on core services and not get distracted by complex decisions, especially regarding IT.
  • WOS can help large companies gain competitive parity while helping smaller companies gain access to the types of resources they may not typically be able to afford in-house.

Current Service Offerings: 

  • Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics: Empowering your Stakeholders to accelerate their Data Analytics initiatives through our Power BI Service Desk.
  • Legacy Software Support: Capabilities that encompass maintenance and development of existing systems as well as optimization of software development.
  • Software QA: Software testing and software quality standardized processes for client company functions.
  • Call Center: Provide a high volume of incoming and outgoing call support in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Shared Services: Oversee the execution and the handling of specific operational tasks, such as accounting, human resources, payroll, IT, legal, or compliance.
  • Claim First Notice of Loss Capture/Claim Inquiry: Provide claim first notice capture and claim inquiry via call center 24 hours-a-day, after hours only, during peak call volume, or when catastrophe strikes.
  • Help Desk: Provide help desk services for business app and remote desktop support, device management, user access management, etc.
  • Product Support: Provide information regarding a given product, and help if the product malfunctions.
  • Cyber Security Monitoring: Provide 24X7 monitoring, alerting when threats occur, and handling other cybersecurity duties as needed.

Since 2012, WOS has provided organizations with outsourced technical and product support so they can focus on their core business. WOS Outsource Centers offer a solution for companies without the infrastructure or long-term need for full-time personnel. With the increasing distrust surrounding off-shoring these roles, WOS offers local outsourcing services and a means for companies to diversify their talent pools. 

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