Our Mission

The WOS family works closely with academic partners, corporate sponsors, and companies to provide career and educational opportunities to underserved high school graduates and veterans.

We encourage their personal, professional and financial independence, providing them with ladders of ascent. They rise up through various stages, one at a time, toward identified goals. And we give them the tools to become great citizens. 

Reflection-with-action teaching methods are vital to this process. They enable learners to reflect on their past experiences and responses as well as on actions to take in the present or immediate future.

Success works both ways. Through training and mentoring, our graduates and veterans become skilled consultants who bring lasting value to companies. This alleviates the need for offshoring.

We continue to grow and evolve, building relationships with new partners across the country. We’re strengthening our management and staff with educators and former corporate executives. And we plan to bring our mission abroad to empower underserved people, to help other countries.

We invite you to join us on this path.