Programming & Engineering Services

Software Engineering – Technical Specifications and Quality Assurance

There are many benefits to engaging US-based WOS for the preparation of technical specifications including close geographical proximity to your project stakeholders and better accuracy through the elimination of language or cultural barriers. These advantages manifest in compressed development timelines and reduced expenses for travel or extra hours.

Because the technical specifications are so precisely detailed and serve as the blueprints for the software developers, they are best conducted at the customer's site, thereby making offshore providers an unappealing choice. Finally, analysis and design should be done by an independent group to ensure that a project's objectivity and independence is maintained. WOS functions as the analysts representing the architects who provide the specifications that application developers need to follow.

Database Design

As a subset of analysis and design, advanced database design skills are required in almost all aspects of application systems projects. WOS graduates with specialized skills in database design can provide these services in specific areas including conversions from legacy applications, legacy links, and e-commerce and web systems.

IT Services

Project Management

WOS fulfills the essential need for project management that tends to be a missing component of many offshore projects. WOS manages all aspects of the IT project and acts as the intermediary between the customer and vendor(s). With many companies either reducing or not expanding their staffing levels, new or incremental projects don't get the time and resources required for a successful deployment.

WOS can manage the specifications process, quality assurance, project deliverables, communication, and general management reporting. Project management services may also be embedded with other services offered by WOS, including ASP, database design and package software implementation services.


Our helpdesk services can operate centrally or on-site at customers‘ sites. We also offer 24/7 support. Services include desk-top help to users, installation of computers, remote access, user-ID management and general call escalation procedures with senior IT personnel. These services have become an important value-add for many organizations who no longer wish to handle desk top support services in house, or may not be satisfied with remote offshore services.

Network Administration

WOS provides specific types of network administration services that are designed to complement its other outsource services. The network services consist of levels of break-fix for medium and small customers, help-desk application support and more advanced network administration for UNIX systems, especially those hosted by WOS.

Application Development

WOS Consultants learn a knowledge base that includes Agile, CMMI, SDLC, analysis and design, and system analysis for quality assurance and testing. This has prepared our students for working in such environments as Lotus Notes Application development, Java development, EGL, SQL, programming, and using tools like remedy etc.

Web Services

Web Strategy, Design & Development

You know how critical a well designed and maintained website is to your business but it easily gets pushed down the priority list when bandwidth is tight. Whether you need to build a first-time website for your company or you need to give it a total make-over with the latest in SEO, rich media capabilities or a mobile version, WOS is able to provide your company with a complete solution - or just the parts you need.

Perhaps your goal is to move your internal business processes online and require your vendors to use your corporations’ Intranet to conduct business with your company – automating everything from inventory control to just-in-time delivery of product components and parts.

WOS will work with your company to analyze your unique needs and go-to-market strategies to come up with and execute on recommendations to create a website that helps extend your brand, credibility and open new doors for growth. Consider outsourcing your web strategy, design and development to the experts at WOS for a fraction of the expense and time of doing it internally. WOS can also host your website and build or integrate your site with an e-commerce system.

E-Commerce Systems

WOS approaches its e–commerce development business from a marketing & advertising perspective. With our deep understanding of brand essence, marketing will always precede e–commerce development. The design of e–commerce based systems using this approach will have a higher probability for success. Our approach allows for web design to occur in a sequentially phased manner for a predictable timetable. A clear view of our customers’ business combined with a strategic approach to marketing will ultimately define what segments of our client’s business will benefit most from ecommerce activities.

Content Management

Your business can benefit from leveraging the two components of content management that WOS specializes in: development and content management/maintenance. To run smoothly and efficiently, your website needs to stay fresh and relevant. A well designed content management system (CMS) helps make this possible.

As part of a larger web development project or as a stand-alone project, WOS will work with your company to understand your business needs and devise the most efficient and user-friendly CMS to support and scale to your business as it grows and evolves. Once your CMS is built, WOS can assist your company further by managing the maintenance of your content (graphic image files and text files) and working directly within the CMS to post your assets on an outsourced project basis.

ASP & Hosting Services

WOS can provide various types of specialized application development outsource services. Because WOS has a resident group of database and web developers, we can engage in different types of ASP services: from designing, hosting and supporting all aspects of a company’s technology needs and e–commerce processes.

Interactive Video & Webcasting

Our video and webcasting services are a natural extension to our web development offerings. With access to a sophisticated and convenient NYC media studio, WOS can create interactive videos and webcasts for your site.