Certificate In Workforce Essentials

For early-career professionals interested in improving skills essential for workplace success.

Workforce Opportunity Services created the Certificate in Workforce Essentials to empower individuals to move from entry-level positions to long-lasting professional success.

The Certificate in Workforce Essentials program is designed for highly motivated, early-career professionals who would like to make a positive impact on not only their professional success, but also their lives.

Based on 20 years of research-based workforce development experience, the certificate program is designed to develop capabilities in self-esteem and confidence, lifelong learning and metacognition, personal and professional core values, and literacy in business culture oriented toward workplace success.

Participants will create actionable knowledge to help them develop as individuals, students, and professionals. Throughout the certificate program, we will explore personal management skills needed for the workplace, including how participants’ experience and knowledge can translate into success at work.

Our program objectives will help participants:

  • Identify their core personal and professional values
  • Bolster self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • Identify and utilize learning styles and study strategies to support lifelong learning and adaptation
  • Apply principles of critical thinking, conflict resolution, and problem solving
  • Create development plans to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals using various approaches
  • Further develop their interpersonal skills and identify their transferable skills
  • Use effective communication across various technologies to collaborate with others and contribute

Course Requirements

Course Number Course Name Course Description
WKES01 Self-Esteem This course provides a framework for further developing one’s self-awareness through an examination of self-esteem and self-acceptance, values, and career and life visioning. Participants study and apply various strategies to create and sustain a positive attitude, resiliency, and a growth mindset; engage in positive self-talk and counter irrational beliefs with rational actions. Particular attention is paid to wellness, anger management, handling stress, and giving and receiving feedback.
WKES02 Metacognition This course identifies knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to support individual and organizational learning. Self-directed and motivated individuals understand that developing relevant capabilities requires lifelong learning and adaptation. Particular attention will be paid to learning styles and study strategies; critical thinking, decision making and problem solving; effective communication and technology; mind mapping and note taking.
WKES03 Socio-Economic Values This course provides navigation strategies for integrating personal, community, and professional values and goals through the application of various approaches to goal setting and time management, Emotional Intelligence, and financial literacy. The course also covers the roles of empathy and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
WKES04 Business Culture This course lays the groundwork for exploring professionalism, employer and employee expectations, conflict resolution, teamwork, and other interpersonal skills of leadership, ethical behavior, citizenship and civic literacy. Further attention will be paid to reflective practices and the ability to execute though initiative, self-direction, adaptive learning, and productivity.


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