- WOS Visual Arts Workshop -

This cost-free WOS Visual Arts Workshop is offered to individuals looking to expand their horizon in the arts.

- Workforce Essentials Workshop -

This cost-free online workshop will be offered to early career individuals that have been unemployed or underemployed due to the pandemic.


Business Writing Essentials I

This workshop emphasizes the keys for effective writing: audience, purpose, message, style and tone. It is aimed at those who want to sharpen the focus of their business writing.

Business Writing Essentials II

This workshop reviews the writing process from planning to revisions and includes a grammar review. It is aimed at those who want to focus on the higher order and lower order concerns.

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Participants will learn how to detect underlying assumptions, analyze problems and alternative solutions to improve their decision making.

Developing A LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to effectively use this professional social media tool to network with others virtually. Your profile should help employers, recruiters, and others to find you. Learn how to optimize your profile for maximum results.

Effective Communication

This workshop will help participants develop and fine-tune their communication skills. It will include use of social media, email and texting, and body language awareness.

Effective Online Job Search and Job Fair Techniques

Participants will learn how to effectively search for jobs online and navigate job fairs.

Interviewing in Person and on the Phone

This workshop helps participants master the skills needed for successful interviews for employment. That includes the preparation needed before the interview and strategies for follow-up.

Learning Styles and Study Strategies

Participants use a short learning style assessment to understand their preferences as a learner and then review individualized study strategies and skills such as taking notes, reading and preparing for exams. The longer-term focus is encouraging lifelong learning.

Navigating Career Changes

Learn how to develop a plan to successfully transition to another career. Identify the transferable skills that will help you make the change.

Professionalism in the Workplace

This workshop is mostly aimed at teenagers, entry-level employees and recent graduates who are interested in developing their interpersonal skills to navigate the complexities of a workplace. The topics include communication skills, problem solving, self-confidence, accountability, humility and cultural awareness.

Setting Goals and Time Management

We review the difference between goals and dreams; why setting goals matters; and strategies for managing time and reducing stress.

Social Media Etiquette

Learn how to communicate when using social media tools. Be aware of what not to share and gain knowledge on how to stay professional.

Your Story in 60 Seconds (Elevator Pitch)

This workshop will help you concisely explain who you are, what you have accomplished and pique the interest of prospective employers and clients.