Workforce Education & Development Certificate Program from Teachers College Columbia University

In collaboration with Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS), Teachers College, the Graduate School of Education at Columbia University, has created an exclusive Workforce Education & Development (WED) Advanced Certificate scheduled to launch this Fall 2021.

The WED program is based on research by our chairman and founder, Dr. Arthur Langer, who serves on multiple faculties at Columbia University and has published numerous articles and papers on workforce development for underserved populations around the world.  Dr. Langer has created a proven model called the Langer Workplace Arc which is a predictive analytical tool that measures individual strengths and weaknesses across a number of employment success indicators. WOS has used this model to select, train, and hire thousands of adults from underserved communities including veterans who have obtained long-term employment with our corporate partners. Our employees from over 60 locations have filled important early career positions ranging from skilled mechanics for United Rentals to IT software developers for General Electric.

WOS also uses the Langer Workplace Arc to employ talented individuals in our On-Shore Managed Service Centers, which provides organizations with an alternative to outsourcing abroad. Select corporate clients include Johnson & Johnson, Prudential, Parsons, PSEG, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Automobile Club of Southern California, Chubb Insurance, and many others.

Dr. Langer will be the Faculty Director of the WED advanced certificate program, which is designed to provide students with an understanding of how to attract and retain local community talent. The WOS model will be integrated in the curriculum along with other faculty-based expertise that addresses the importance of having diverse workplaces. The program is specifically geared for professionals in human resources (HROD), non-profits, higher education, and other organizations who want to hire and develop more diverse talent in their organizations.

WED is one-year credit-bearing certificate program that includes both face-to-face residencies and online experiences. The program features four courses that prepare students to launch and manage new initiatives focused on talent acquisition, future of work considerations, assimilation of new workforces, and public policies.

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