Ascent PDI

The Ascent PDI (Professional Development Immersion) program is designed by Workforce Opportunity Services for highly motivated, professionals who would like to make a positive impact on not only their professional success but also their lives. This program is comprised of four courses that align with The Langer Workforce Maturity Arc. Just as The Langer Workforce Maturity Arc measures an individual’s readiness to successfully assimilate into the workplace, our Ascent PDI program will prepare an individual to attain long-lasting success in the workplace.


Based on 20 years of research-based workforce development experience, the program is designed to develop capabilities in self-esteem and confidence, lifelong learning and metacognition, personal and professional core values, and literacy in business culture oriented toward workplace success.

Participants will create actionable knowledge to help them develop as individuals, students, and professionals. Throughout the program, we will explore personal management skills needed for the workplace, including how participants’ experience and knowledge can translate into success at work.

Each virtual live course is 2 hours a week on Thursdays for five weeks. The course consists of 2 hours of live training with an additional 1 hour of individual learning.

Provides a framework for further developing one’s self-awareness through an examination of self-esteem and self-acceptance, values, and career and life visioning.
Identifies knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to support individual and organization learning.
Covers navigation strategies for integrating personal, community, and professional values and goals through the application of various approaches.
Lays the groundwork for exploring the professionalism, employer and employee expectations, conflict resolution, teamwork, and other interpersonal skills of leadership, ethical behavior, citizenship and civic literacy.
All participants will receive digital badges corresponding to each course as they are finished. After an individual has completed all four Ascent PDI courses, an Ascent PDI graduate badge will be given. All badges can be uploaded onto LinkedIn to show future employers your new skillsets.

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