It’s one thing to have diversity. It’s another thing to be diverse.

WOS - CrestThe next generation 501(c)(3)

We go beyond providing corporations with diverse talent. Through our recruiting, training, and mentoring, we empower our talent to make an impact from the start.

A multicultural workplace

There are mounting demands for corporations to become increasingly global, dynamic, and multicultural. Our expertise in successfully integrating diverse populations into the workplace gives corporations a competitive advantage.

Highly motivated talent

We vet talent thoroughly and provide mentorship and support to ensure they grow into valuable employees. Our talent, referred to as consultants, work hard to succeed and we are a resource to them every step of the way.

Flexible employment arrangements

Our model allows corporations to experience our consultants on-site and eventually hire them full time based on availability and need. This assumes none of the risk that typically comes with hiring raw talent.

Thriving local communities

By building a bridge between corporations and diverse talent, we give jobs to our communities, grow our citizens, and strengthen our economy.

The talent we provide

We can customize our recruitment and training to place candidates in virtually any functional area of a business.

Quality Assurance
Service Technicians
Project Management
Contact Center Support
Information Technology

Need other skillsets? No matter what the job, we can build a team to get it done.

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Our mission changes lives

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Military veterans
Young adults from our local communities

Our Success with Corporations

Our partners represent a wide variety of industries and locations and include fortune 500 companies. We can build and operate in most areas of the U.S. within just a few short months.