Educational Services

WOS proudly announces the formation of our new Educational Services Division that is dedicated to providing a myriad of workforce development services targeting early- to mid-career underserved and socially excluded talent. These programs will include the following education-based programs:

  • Workforce Leadership Seminars: Specifically designed to provide your senior leaders with effective strategies on how to find and retain talent emanating from local communities.
  • Development and Project Management: Train your line managers on techniques and best practices that improve assimilation of new staff and maximize productivity of these resources.
  • Assessment Techniques: Proven scientific and qualitative instruments that can be used to select workforce talent and how to measure individual growth.
  • Professional Development Courses: That assist new and existing workforce staff to acclimate to your organization’s cultures and expected performance criteria.
  • Individual Development Support: That target specific employees who need individual assistance to improve or accelerate in their current roles and responsibilities.
  • Training Modules: Over 40 online courses in which trainees can receive completion certificates from Northeastern University.

Current Programs