Professional Development Fundamentals

Our Professional Development Fundamentals equips both new and current employees with vital interpersonal skills crucial for workplace success. Seamlessly integrating into your onboarding process or scheduled at your convenience, this tailored training enhances both professional acumen and personal growth.

Modules cover growth mindset, self-esteem, positive self-talk, effective communication, emotional intelligence, empathy, and teamwork—carefully selected based on research findings.

Research-Based Training

Dr. Art Langer's research at Columbia University emphasized integrating communication skills and self-esteem building to address employment challenges for underserved individuals. Addie M. Rimmer's research identified teamwork as a pivotal skill interconnected with relationship building, aiding in understanding business culture, learning skills, self-image, and communication.

Option for employees to participate in the Langer Workforce Maturity Arc. Training modules are individually selected based on results. The Langer Workforce Maturity Arc, rooted in Columbia University research, has been fundamental to WOS' nearly two decades of operation. It is an instrument designed to measure an individual’s readiness to successfully assimilate into a corporate workplace.

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