WOS Holiday Celebration

Funds from the event will be used to help Workforce Opportunity Services (WOS) fulfill its mission in providing underserved young adults, including post 9/11 military veterans, with entry-level career pathways and the resources necessary to succeed including:

  • Interest-free living loans
  • Free single person healthcare
  • Educational workshops
  • College tuition repayment assistance
  • Personal development support
  • Free public university tuition (part-time)

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Art Langer

Dr. Langer is the Academic Director and Faculty member of the Executive Masters in Technology Management at Columbia University. He also serves on the faculty of Organization & Leadership at the Graduate School of Education and is the Director of the Center for Technology Management.

After conducting a special research project at Columbia University, Dr. Langer founded WOS in 2005 upon the concept that inner–city and rural low–income individuals can climb to higher levels of success if given a fair opportunity.