Predictive Analytics

Dr. Arthur Langer, Founder of WOS, has developed a model that assesses an individual's workplace readiness.  

WOS was founded by Dr. Arthur Langer based on a research study conducted out of Columbia University. The goal of Dr. Langer’s research was to understand the employment challenges facing underserved individuals and how to help them develop skills that would enable them to effectively compete for jobs in a rapidly changing workforce.

The results of the study demonstrated the need for vocational training programs that incorporate both communication skills and self-esteem building for underserved populations. These findings gave way to the creation of the Langer Workforce Maturity Arc (LWMA). The LWMA is an instrument designed to measure an individual’s readiness to successfully assimilate into a corporate workplace. Participants are required to respond to specific questions in learning journals which are coded qualitatively; ques are used to create and maintain an individual arc for each participant. Weaknesses in a participant’s workplace maturity are noted, and a separate plan is developed to help develop growth in that area.

The LWMA assesses individual development in six distinct sectors of workplace literacy:

  • Cognition
  • Technology
  • Business Culture
  • Socio-Economic Values
  • Community and Ethnic Solidarity
  • Self-esteem

Ultimately, a participant's arc is representative of his or her chances of success in the workplace. 

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