Camille J. Bryant Forges a Path from HR to Board of Directors

Recently, HR Daily Advisor featured Board Member, Camille Bryant, in its Faces of HR series. 

The article focuses on Bryant's 14-year career in HR, which included working at General Electric, where she was the program sponsor for the WOS-GE programs in Detroit and New Orleans. Below is an excerpt: 

“From an HR perspective, people are coming in helping WOS and program managers on-site understand what’s important for our culture to integrate and how to become a part of it and feel comfortable. There’s a huge role that I play and a strong perspective that I bring in terms of helping leaders understand how to integrate diverse talent and continue to develop that skill from a leadership development perspective that absolutely transfers and translates.

“I think my experience from a diversity, training, recruiting, capability building, culture shaping, and overall talent management translates to the board—because they need to know from a customer perspective what needs to be done to make WOS programs more sustainable. What do we need to do to cultivate more HR champions within corporations?

You can read the full article here.