Near-Sourcing For IT is Gaining Momentum

Recently, published an article by WOS Founder and Chairman, Dr. Art Langer on near sourcing, defined as outsourcing services locally or where the end product is sold, enabling organizations of all sizes to focus on their core business, rather than focusing on managing non-core activities. Below is an excerpt:

Consumers demands are changing. Today, people expect more and more from the companies we do business with. This trend is largely attributed to advancements in technology designed to meet our every need, making us accustomed to an unprecedented level of customer service. To meet high standards, companies must invest in top-notch customer and IT services that ensure smooth internal operations and the security of consumers’ personal data.

Despite the importance of these services, companies balk at the expense. IT services alone average 3.3% of the budget, with spending in some industries as high as 7.2%, which is why corporations have resorted to outsourcing to countries where operational costs are lower. But offshoring means companies sacrifice quality service. When a business is separated from its IT or customer service functions by thousands of miles and different time zones, support can be unreliable and inconsistent, which negatively affects consumer brand satisfaction and loyalty.

You can read the full article here.