Covanta, a global leader in providing Energy-from-Waste solutions, has been a WOS partner since 2013. Covanta has utilized WOS' TAP and On Demand programs to recruit veterans for finance and IT positions, such as quality assurance, project management, and web development. 

Covanta, a global leader in providing Energy-from-Waste solutions, started its partnership with WOS in 2013. After attending the WOS annual holiday celebration, Stu Kippleman, then Covanta’s CIO, left feeling the need to make a stronger commitment to America’s veterans. Soon after, a partnership formed where WOS recruited local veterans for positions in IT and finance at Covanta.

Covanta predominantly uses the WOS On Demand program. WOS sources talent from the local community to fulfill Covanta’s talent goals, working with Covanta to select the most qualified candidates for their final hiring decisions. Once the talent is placed, a WOS Client Service Manager (CSM) collaborates closely with Covanta, scheduling regular on-site visitations to provide ongoing support for both the client and participants.

Since 2013, over 20 individuals from underserved and veteran communities have gone through WOS On Demand to work at Covanta.

Learn more about our partnership with Covanta by downloading our case study