United Rentals

United Rentals is the largest equipment and rental company in the world. A WOS partner since 2012, United Rentals utilizes the TAP program and places WOS participants primarily in Service Technician roles. 

In 2013, United Rentals enlisted WOS to help implement an internal program that would help individuals who have served in the military transition into auto mechanic roles at their Dallas, Texas location. The program, named STEP (Service to Employment Program), would prepare participants to take on roles as service technicians.

WOS developed a training curriculum which covered topics that included hydraulics, engines, IVES training and compliance, electrical training, and vendor training. While undergoing these courses at Universal Technical Institute, participants earned certifications from the institution. After months of hands-on training and on-site work at United Rentals, over 200 veterans have been hired as full-time employees.

After seeing how impactful that the program was in Dallas, Texas, the program expanded to Atlanta, Georgia. The program continues to be an outlet for veterans to receive the necessary skills training and certifications to further their careers in the auto industry.

Learn more about our partnership with United Rentals by downloading our case study.