WOS and The University of Akron have begun a partnership to serve aspirational students from urban areas of Cleveland, Ohio. The track is designed to help young adults who are first-time job seekers by placing them in a 12-month work-study program. The WOS classes focus on both the hard and soft skills that will prepare them for the transformation into the workplace such as business etiquette, project management, hardware, software and desktop support, network technologies and information systems security.

Students are able to employ the skills they are taught into the business world in the second term, when they begin working part-time for sponsor companies such as Eaton Corporation. Upon successful completion of the courses, students receive a Certificate in Computer Technician Technologies from the University of Akron. This partnership with the University of Akron allows WOS to provide training and job placement to young adults in Ohio who otherwise might not have had access to either higher education or a private-sector job.