Gerald Goodfellow is an active duty Brigadier General in the United States Air Force.  He is serving on the Workforce Board of Directors in his personal capacity, not on behalf of the Department of Defense or the United States Air Force. 

The “Workforce Mission” is totally in sync with Goodfellow’s passion for education and training. He has spent much of the last 27-years educating and training military members in a wide array of subjects. He has served as a B-1 Bomber Operations Group Commander, where he oversaw the education, development and training required of B-1 Bomber Pilots and Weapon Systems Officers to fly combat missions throughout the world.  He later served as a Wing Commander where he educated, trained and qualified United States Air Force Instructor Pilots, Combat Systems Officers, and Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilots and Sensor Operators.  Additionally, he oversaw all flying and parachute training at the United States Air Force Academy.

Goodfellow is a World Record Holder for the “Fastest Non-stop Airplane Flight Around-the-World.”  For this flight he also won the National Aeronautic Association’s Mackay Trophy for the “United States Air Force’s Most Meritorious Flight of the Year.”  For a later B-1 Bomber combat flight he was awarded the General Ira C. Eaker Award for the “Outstanding Single Feat of Military Airmanship in 8th Air Force.”

Goodfellow has served as the Commander, and Commandant, at the United States Air Force’s Squadron Officer College.  He was also a professor at the United States Army War College where he taught strategy formulation and planning to Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps Officers, as well as senior U.S. Government Civilians.

Goodfellow holds three Masters Degrees in Aeronautical Science, Military Operational Art and Science, and Strategic Studies.  Additionally he has attended the Public Policy Seminar at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C., the Leadership Enhancement Program in Greensboro, N.C. at the Center for Creative Leadership, and the Enterprise Leadership Seminar at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.