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WOS Digital

Browse our database of early-career, diverse professionals to meet your short or long-term talent needs. 

What is WOS Digital?

WOS Digital is a new online platform that empowers your corporation to search for early-career, diverse job-seekers for either short-term or long-term engagements. Hiring teams can search our extensive database of candidates by location, skillsets, and education levels to meet their specific organizational needs. 

When candidates join WOS Digital, they are provided with the network, tools, and resources needed to develop both their interpersonal and technical skills. Our dedicated team provides them with the guidance and support needed to move their careers forward, and once candidates have reached a proficient level of workplace readiness, they become searchable in our database. 

After hiring teams select one or more of our candidates, WOS continues to work with both the corporation and candidate(s) to ensure the transition into the role and workplace is a success. 

Through this initiative, our organization strives to help individuals from underserved communities build promising futures while propelling corporations towards reaching their business goals.



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