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WOS - CrestThe next generation 501(c)(3)

WOS is a non-profit committed to solving today’s DE&I workforce challenges. Our holistic, ground-up framework delivers talent solutions across all levels and industries.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we empower individuals to move from economic need to long-lasting success. As social entrepreneurs, we believe companies have the unique power and responsibility to close the gap on socio-economic disparity. We are in the business of creating dynamic partnerships that build diverse workplaces and, ultimately, transform lives.

The WOS Framework

The WOS Framework combines all aspects of the employee lifecycle into one comprehensive end-to-end workforce development solution.

On Demand

On-Demand provides you with underserved and veteran resources that have attained college degree credentials and specific levels of experience in the workplace.

Outsource Centers & Managed Services

WOS offers high-quality front– and back-office services including off-site and on-site options.

Ascent PDI

Develop measurable improvement in your workforce through interpersonal skills training

In The Community

WOS offers open and free workshops in local communities around the country that equip adults with the skills they need to launch or change their careers.

Mechanic, Equipment, and Skills Trade Programs

The WOS model has been successfully used in skilled trades such as electricians, mechanics, and hydraulic workers.

Remote Work & GIG Services

Using modern telework tools, expertise, knowledge, and an extensive resource network, WOS can manage your services remotely.

Research & Advisory Services

Our 20-years of research and experience can offer a myriad of best practices and organization design that can help departments to form scalable approaches for acquiring early talent from local communities.

Professional Development Services

Our Employee Coaching & Development Service builds on the concept of individual mentorship.

International Operations

WOS is a global organization currently operating in France and the Netherlands.

Success with Corporations

"Micro strategies that scale become macro solutions."

Dr. Arthur M. Langer
Chairman and Founder, Workforce Opportunity Services